Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

When you need your corporate gift to pop, use personalisation!

Whether you are business to business organisation or business to consumer, it’s always great to remember your audience and your audience is always a person or a team of people.

Personalisation helps establish a stronger bond between you and your customer. Seeing your logo next to their’s, or your logo next to their name. This is especially important considering consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have over 300% lifetime value of unengaged customers.

Ask the right questions and get creative with your marketing gift ideas! Show you know your customer even better by including something you know they love? e.g. their favourite gin or their favourite chocolates?

Don’t forget to include a note letting your customer know you will be in touch soon and inviting them to ‘enjoy their little treat’!

Sociologists suggest that it takes between 6 to 8 interactions before you form a professional bond with a client. Following the above steps and you are already half way there!

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