A Visit to Copperfish Distillery: The Home of Authentic Cornish Gin

October 26, 2023 3 min read

A Visit to Copperfish Distillery: The Home of Authentic Cornish Gin

Nestled in the heart of East Looe, Cornwall, lies a hidden gem that is a must-visit for all gin enthusiasts - the Copperfish Distillery. Known for its handcrafted Cornish gin, this distillery offers an immersive experience that takes you on a journey through the art and science of gin making. This blog post will take you through my recent visit to the Copperfish Distillery in East Looe and give you a glimpse into what makes their Looe gin so special.

The Journey to Copperfish Distillery East Looe

As I approached the Copperfish Distillery in East Looe, I was immediately taken by its rustic charm. The distillery is housed in a traditional Cornish building with stone walls and wooden beams, which perfectly complements its picturesque coastal surroundings.

Upon entering, I was greeted by the warm and welcoming staff who were eager to share their passion for gin-making with me. The atmosphere inside was buzzing with excitement as visitors from near and far came to explore this unique distillery.

Copperfish Distillery Tour 

The Art of Crafting Cornish Gin at Copperfish Distillery

One of the highlights of my visit was undoubtedly learning about the process behind crafting their renowned Cornish gin. At Copperfish Distillery, they take pride in using traditional methods combined with modern techniques to create their signature Looe gin.

The process begins with carefully selected botanicals that are locally sourced whenever possible. These botanicals are then distilled in small batches using copper stills (hence the name 'Copperfish'). This method ensures that each bottle of Looe gin retains its distinct character and flavour profile.

What sets Copperfish's Cornish gin apart is their commitment to sustainability. They strive to minimise waste during production and even use recycled bottles for packaging their gins. It's refreshing to see a distillery that not only produces high-quality gin but also cares about its impact on the environment.

Tasting Looe Award-Winning Gin Copperfish Distillery: Rums, Gins & Whiskies

Tasting the Looe Gin

No visit to a distillery would be complete without a tasting session, and Copperfish Distillery did not disappoint. I was presented with a selection of their gins, each with its unique taste and aroma.

The star of the show was, of course, their Looe gin. With its smooth texture and complex flavour profile featuring notes of juniper, citrus and spice, it was unlike any gin I had tasted before. It was clear to see why this Cornish gin has gained such a loyal following.

I also had the opportunity to try some of their other offerings, including their spiced rums, whiskeys and seasonal gins which feature unique blends of botanicals that capture the essence of different seasons in Cornwall.

A Must-Visit Looe Gin Distillery

My visit to Copperfish Distillery was an unforgettable experience. From learning about the art of gin-making to tasting their exquisite Cornish gins, it was a journey filled with discovery and delight.

If you're ever in East Looe or are simply looking for an authentic gin experience, I highly recommend paying a visit to Copperfish Distillery. Whether you're a seasoned gin enthusiast or new to the world of spirits, there's something for everyone at this charming Looe gin distillery.

So next time you're sipping on your favourite cocktail or G&T, consider reaching for a bottle of Cornish gin from Copperfish Distillery. Not only will you be supporting a local business that values sustainability and craftsmanship, but you'll also be treating yourself to one of the finest gins Cornwall has to offer.

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