The Legend of Kraken Rum

The products we feature in our hampers and gifts are not chosen by accident. We love to feature the best quality products and most of all, those that have character in their brand! None more so than Kraken Rum. Many people are not aware of the legend of Kraken Rum, so we’re here to fill […]

manchester gin

Let’s talk about Manchester Gin

Manchester Gin is owned by Manchester couple Jen and Seb, who, in sharing a love of gin, decided to distill their own. 25,000 bottles of gin were produced in their own dining room and today they are capable of producing a million bottles a year from their ‘Spirit of Manchester Distillery.’ As a family run […]

personalised XO tequila miniature giftset

Personalised Christmas Gifts

When you want your gift to have extra impact on the big day, personalisation is the perfect solution. Spoil somebody rotten this Christmas with our spirit gift sets, suitable for every special occasion. We offer an entire range of these supreme present options, including marvellous gin, whiskey, prosecco, tequila, vodka and rum boxes. There are […]

Corporate Gifting

3 easy steps to ensure your corporate gifts pop !

Inspiration: Brand Workshop

On 16th June we got together to develop the branding for our new concept company. We went in to the meeting very green, not really having a clear focus. Luckily with the help of Gillian from The Design Grove we were directed through a number of tasks which highlighted what we wanted to do and […]