Christmas Stocking Fillers

October 13, 2023 4 min read

Christmas Stocking Fillers

If you had a Christmas stocking as a child you never fully grow out of them.  A pillowcase never seems to have the same pull despite the presents in it having been potentially a lot bigger!

Who doesn’t love a Christmas stocking?

Nowadays there are beautiful state of the art stockings to buy of varying sizes.  These are the ones you buy for show, hanging from your mantelpiece amongst the candles and showpiece decorations.

But nothing can beat the old-fashioned repurposed football socks stretched totally out of shape and bulging with surprises!  Recycling at its best! So save the fancy ones for the living room. THESE are the ones for the bottom of the bed.

What makes a good Christmas Stocking Filler?

The essence of a good Christmas stocking is to fill it with a variety of items. These items should reflect the personality and interests of the recipient.  There is no need to break the bank. In fact very expensive items could well be in danger of being thrown out with the wrapping. The best presents are the ones that bring a smile to the face, that are quirky. Little things they did not even know they needed.

As with all presents it always seems easier to buy for women than men but there is common ground.

Here are some stocking filler suggestions:-

A small bottle of a favourite tipple. Possibly this might be a gin for her, a whisky for him or vice versa. Perhaps a variant on their usual brand.  Don’t forget the appropriate mixer though.  Perhaps throw in a quirky bottle opener or ice cube mould.  If you are dealing with a wine buff it is possible now to buy small versions even in prosecco.

Items of stationary always work well. A decent pen, even a personalised one, doesn’t have to break the bank. If you have a puzzle fiend in your family, propelling pencils complete with rubbers on the end are a sure winner.

How about the latest paperback of a favourite author? Make sure it is not a blockbuster though. There are size issues here after all!

Socks are a good choice preferably not sensible ones. Where would the fun in that be. Remember here the watchword is fun not practicality.

Cosmetics and skin care.  Easy to buy in small packages for both sexes. For example tinted moisturiser. A man might not buy that for himself but I bet he would use it!!! For a woman though the possible list in that department is endless. But be sure you buy suitable colours . You might like bright red lipstick on a woman , your own woman might not.

Silly disposable Xmas jewellery usually goes down well even if it ends up in the bin on Boxing Day.  Santa cuff links, Xmas pudding earrings. If you look around a bargain shop you will find great choices.

Xmas tree decorations are always a winner. This time go for class.  If you are a forward planner the best time to buy is directly after Xmas in the January sales. Carefully selected items will probably stay around for years to come.

And last but not least always put in something edible. You need something to nibble be it olives or chocolate.  Christmas dinner is a long way off. Did somebody say Chocolate Orange?

Pitfalls to Avoid with Christmas Stocking Filler

There are some things to bear in mind though. Like anything else, until you have experience, there are definite pitfalls in making up Christmas stockings. BE WARNED!!!!

  1. Wrap these presents early. Do not Try to add this to your “to do” list on Xmas Eve. Especially if you have more than 1 stocking to do. A couple of hours at least is needed.

  2. Chocolates go in last, straight from the fridge, as late as possible. That is unless you want an unholy mess on the bed Xmas morning.

  3. If doing more than 1 stocking use a different wrapping paper for each stocking. If you do not fully endorse this rule you will inevitably put at least one present in the wrong stocking. The occasional wrong present in the wrong stocking you might get away with but that does not always apply. Frilly knickers in your adult son’s stocking would probably be a no-no. (But then again he might be delighted!)

  4. If you are doing stockings for your adult children (I know – some of us mothers are a bit sad!) it is always politic to throw in the odd present for their spouse/partner. Otherwise they might feel left out and sulks at Xmas are not to be encouraged.

  5. Buy stockings presents throughout the year whenever you see something suitable.

But the main thing is to have fun.  If you have fun putting these stockings together there are strong odds that the recipient will also have a lot of fun opening them.

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