Prosecco - Italy's alternative to Champagne

August 25, 2023 2 min read

Prosecco glasses clinking in celebration

Once upon a time whenever we had a major celebration in our lives we always got out the champagne. There seemed no other choice! Little did we know that there were other equally good options out there often at a much lesser cost.

But then another name started to be heard. And once it was out of the blocks it kept on running . This “New Kid on the Block” is of course PROSECCO. And the baton has well and truly been seized. Now it feels as if it has always been on the scene.

Prosecco has now become the go to drink for weddings, anniversaries, reunions and in fact any meeting of friends and family when fun and togetherness is the aim.

So lets explore the world of Prosecco a little.

It originated in the North East of Italy in the region of Veneto. This is a beautiful area of Italy encompassing iconic cities, beautiful lakes and amazing countryside. The area stretches from The Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Coast. Venice, Padua, Verona are some of the most famous of those cities. And to bring a bit of British connection to the drink, these were also the settings of some of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. And this is where the Glera grape, the heart and soul of Prosecco, was and is produced. And with that heritage how could the region not create the most amazing wines. As an aside it is also the home of Soave and Pinot Grigio.

Prosecco is famous for its signature effervescence. Its exquisite natural tasting bubbles are produced by using a technique called the Charmat method implemented with great skill.

The local vineyards are also careful to produce a choice of sweetness levels, from brut to extra dry, thus offering a prosecco to suit every palate. What fun there is to be had searching for the exact one that suits you.

Equally there are a variety of subtle flavours to enhance and delight the taste buds .  From crisp green apple to luscious peach to delicate floral notes to name but a few.

But one of the beauties of Prosecco is that it is so adaptable. Drink it as it comes, on its own or with delectable meals . But even better you can combine it with other flavourings to produce some incredible cocktails, for example Bellinis or refreshing spritzers.

But why stop there. The list of possibilities is only limited by the extent of your creativity and imagination . How wonderful to create your very own cocktail  and what fun it would be experimenting!!

So get cracking – your next party is only a hop, skip and a jump away.  After all there is always something in life to celebrate. And it is always good to look on the fizzy bright side!

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